Experts Stay Safe in a Down Market?

Experts Stay Safe in a Down Market?


The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, with some cryptocurrencies experiencing more volatility in a single day than many traditional financial instruments experience in a whole week.

While this volatility has made cryptocurrencies some of the most lucrative assets for speculators and investors, it also brings with it significant risks — since the market can experience significant adverse price swings, which can quickly wipe out investors in a down market.

But while some investors struggle to turn a profit when the market turns red, others are well-prepared, and already leverage a range of platforms and strategies to maintain value or even turn a profit regardless of how the market performs.

Here’s how they do it.

Decentralized Options Trading

Cryptocurrency trades can be broadly separated into two types: long and short. Individuals that are trading long are looking to turn a profit when a cryptocurrency asset appreciates in value, while those that are trading short are looking to profit on its decline.

But while the vast majority of traders know how to speculate on the upside, comparatively few are able to speculate on the downside — largely due to the limitations of spot exchange platforms, since these do not usually provide the ability to short an asset.

This is why experienced traders instead prefer to trade options — which are a type of derivative contract that gives the holder the right to buy or sell a specific asset at a specific price if it moves beyond a certain threshold during a given window. These can be used to easily speculate on whether an asset will appreciate (e.g. by buying call options) or decline (e.g. by buying put options).

Until recently, the vast majority of options trading occurred on centralized platforms. But due to limitations in the types and variety of options available, many of the more sophisticated options traders now prefer decentralized options trading platforms — including Premia.


The reasons behind this are several, but mostly stem from the increased flexibility provided by decentralized options. For example, traders are able to create their own personalized options contracts and then source liquidity for these using Premia’s option creation tool and decentralized marketplace.

This allows traders to go long or short on their assets of choice, rather than relying on the potentially restrictive range of options contracts available on centralized platforms. As a result, experts are increasingly leveraging platforms like Premia to hedge their positions and net a profit when the market enters a downturn.

Arbitrage Trading

The most common way traders make (or attempt to make) a profit in most markets is by speculating on the direction of a price movement, such as through swing or day trading.

While many traders are incredibly successful at this, the vast majority of traders are unable to turn a profit through speculative trading. Instead, most end up making a loss. This is doubly the case in a