Bitcoin “Cheat Sheet” Calls For Next Leg Up To $77K

Bitcoin “Cheat Sheet” Calls For Next Leg Up To $77K


Bitcoin price is taking its time consolidating around $50,000 but could be preparing for the next major leg up to around $77,000 per Coin

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, according to what one pseudonymous trader calls a “cheat sheet” for the crypto market over the last several months.

A chart shared by the trader shows just how accurately the recent bull market has traced alongside the price action in the fractal from previous cycles.

bitcoin cheat sheet close upBitcoin has been tracing along this fractal, albeit with less volatility | Source: BTCUSD on

When the current range is eventually left, a large spike to $77,000 is next, followed by a much steeper correction says the fractal. But what comes after that, if you can avoid being shaken out in the expected volatility, could be the most powerful bullish impulse ever.

Could This Fractal Hold The Code To Predicting The Next Crypto Market Peak?

Not every trader puts much weight in fractals, but the cheat sheet above is too accurate to ignore. While this time could certainly be different, if the same path is followed, the price per Bitcoin will shoot to $100,000, then almost immediately to more than $200,000 per