Unique Crypto Browser Offers Everyone the Opportunity to Mine with Ease

Unique Crypto Browser Offers Everyone the Opportunity to Mine with Ease

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Unique Crypto Browser Offers Everyone the Opportunity to Mine with Ease

Since its introduction, cryptocurrency has gained high importance
for both the digital and offline community. However popular, the general public
does not have ease of access to mining: the entry threshold for new miners is
still unreasonably high for most.

So, it has been so far.

Introducing CryptoTab:
The World’s First Mining Browser

Developed by a team of blockchain enthusiasts, CryptoTab is a
unique browser that allows users to mine cryptocurrency while surfing the web.
CryptoTab Browser already has more than 5,000,000 users around the world and is
available on every major online platform including Windows, MacOS, iOS &

It also is fully compatible with Chrome, so you can personalize
and customize it with more than 150,000 extensions.

Quick to Install, Easy to
Set Up and Use

CryptoTab is lighting fast, totally free, easy to set up and use

There is no need to buy and configure expensive hardware &
soft: simply download the installation
, select run and the program will do the rest in minutes. After
installation, you’ll be able to log in with your Google account to synchronize
your bookmarks, favorites, and passwords across all your devices.

Steady Income for One,
High Earnings for Many

Mining with CryptoTab does not require time-consuming actions or
investments. Just launch the browser, enable mining and carry on your everyday

As long as the browser window is open and active you will receive
income – the mining will not interfere with your daily activities. As a fully
tailored solution, you can change its speed and CPU load at any time.

Besides its mining function, CryptoTab is a community-oriented
service and there also is a referral
to encourage new users.

It allows users to develop their own mining networks and increase
their income drastically. In addition, on the CryptoTab website, you can find a
set of ready-made
promo materials
that will help users to attract new affiliates.

Honesty and Transparency
Are in the Core of CryptoTab

It is not enough just to earn — you also need to withdraw funds.
Taking care of the fees and related expenses, CryptoTab makes thousands of
payments to users every day. The minimum withdrawal sum is just 5 cents and all
the payments are made in Bitcoin, in the most popular & valuable

will always be skeptics and doubters but with 5 million satisfied users,
CryptoTab is proving them wrong every day

No initial investments, no additional expenses and no upper limit
of income — what other services can boast of such opportunities to earn online?
With a free, easy-to-use and highly profitable browser at your service, there
is no need to look for any other platform.  

CryptoTab Browser today, join millions already earning online!

Get Ready to Mine!

About CryptoTab Browser: CryptoTab
Browser is a free lightweight browser empowered with additional Bitcoin mining
functionality. It can be personalized and adjusted to your liking with
thousands of Chrome extensions. For more information, please, visit
CryptoTab homepage

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