It finally dawned: Dash (DASH) stress-test hits 3 million transactions


It has finally dawned on cryptocurrency community with Dash setting the record in terms of daily transactions. Blockchain based payment systems have been criticized for a long time because of the limitations in transactions per second (TPS) and daily transactions. Cryptocurrencies are yet to become worthy competitors of VISA and MasterCard. However, the Dash (DASH) team is ready to redefine the history of payments and transactions in the crypto space and the entire world.

Dash stress-test took place on Sunday 11 as scheduled. The team was determined to test the capacity and robustness of the Dash protocol to handle at least 4.5 million transactions in a period of 24-hours. In the weekly announcements, the team said that:

“This will be setting a cryptocurrency record and demonstrating the power of the Dash network. You do not want to miss this!”

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