CryptoDredge 0.9.4 Nvidia Miner With a Number of New Algorithms Now Supported

Mining News

The latest update of the CryptoDredge Nvidia GPU miner to version 0.9.4 for both Linux and Windows introduces support for a number of new mining algorithms as well as some performance improvements. The new algorithms include Exosis, C11, Polytimos and BCD (Bitcoin Diamond) and as far as performance improvements go, there is improvement in the hashrate for Allium (+3-5%), PHI1612 (+16-20%) and Skunkhash (+18-25%). Definitely worth the upgrade, even if you are not currently using your Nvidia GPU mining rigs for any of the supported algorithms, just to keep them up to date and ready for something new and interesting that pops up. Do note that the CryptoDredge miner supports only Nvidia GPUs and is a closed source software that comes with 1% built-in developer fee and with binaries available for both Windows and Linux (CUDA 9.1/9.2/10.0).

To download and try the latest release of the CryptoDredge 0.9.4 Nvidia GPU miner…

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