Dash at Anarchapulco by Juan S. Galt

Dash at Anarchapulco by Juan S. Galt


On Sunday February 21st Juan S. Galt, a well known researcher and content creator in the Bitcoin space, gave a talk about Dash at Anarchapulco 2016, the world’s first and largest international anarcho-capitalist conference. This in itself is something to remark, but the talk was also a first in terms of funding.

It has been the first time that the Dash blockchain has funded a talk by someone who is not part of the day to day contributors to Dash. This clearly shows the power of the decentralized blockchain governance system that Dash has in place. Anyone can propose something to the network and, if masternodes think it is worth doing, it will be funded. Unlike in other systems, there is no closed list of people or topics, it is up to the network to decide who deserves to be rewarded.

The talk focused on how Dash is a better form of money than Bitcoin thanks to its improved privacy, instant transactions and two tier network.

He also did some interviews that he will be publishing in his DisrupTek.Media Youtube channel in the next fews days.