CEO Says Bitcoin ‘Unsexy’ As BlockPay Adds DASH To Currencies


Privacy focused altcoin DASH has partnered with payments platform BlockPay to enable its use for point-of-sale (POS) purchases of goods and services.

The collaboration is only the latest in a series of high-profile gains for the coin, which is trading at all-time highs of $26 Friday.

Munich-based BlockPay’s POS tool facilitates cryptocurrency as a payment method, providing stiff competition to card companies through its lack of merchant fees.

Although the platform supports Bitcoin and Ethereum among others, CEO and co-founder Christoph Hering said in a press release that Bitcoin was “unsexy” for everyday use.

“The slow transaction speed, the high transaction fees and the speculative nature of Bitcoin make it very unsexy for everyday consumption,” he commented. “We added Dash because we see a huge potential in the very active Dash community and in the underlying scaling technology of Dash.”

The comments appear to be ironic, given the trading price of the top altcoins – including DASH – increased only due to Bitcoin hitting unseen highs.

Nonetheless, enthusiasm in the asset is showing no signs of wavering, as BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes demonstrated when DASH launched on the exchange last week.

DASH and BlockPay’s relationship meanwhile goes back some time, having received an initial release in August last year.