Being an open source P2P cryptocurrency, Dash also aims to provide a user-friendly and scalable payments system globally by being payments-focused. In the bearish cryptocurrency market during the beginning of 2018, Dash managed to surpass many other rival coins and soar high against the odds.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dash Core announced the acquisition of a new talent to the esteemed team – Bob Carroll, an IT veteran and former CIO of Apollo Group, would be appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The announcement of the new talent acquisition sparked tremendous interest as the general public expressed positive remarks in anticipation of what is in store for Dash’s future.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, spoke of Carroll,

“I am thrilled to have Bob Carroll filling out our management team. Bob is not only excited about the project and an excellent cultural fit with the team, but he is also an incredible personnel and organization developer with a strong track record of delivering against complex programs. I’m looking forward to working closely with Bob in the years ahead as we continue developing and expanding the Dash network.”

With prior experience in software development and systems engineering, Carroll will be leading the development of Dash network and its products. Not only that, Carroll will be bringing an added level of organisation to facilitate a seamless process of business and development within the team.

Block Asia managed to catch up with Carroll during an email interview to discuss more of what is in store for Dash’s upcoming projects.

What are some of the exciting projects that Bob Carroll will be embarking on as the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer?

Dash is focused on delivering a major architectural enhancement to the network, code-named Evolution. This is exciting because it adds extensibility to the Dash Core platform with the Dash Application Protocol (DAP). With DAP, third party software solutions can be more easily integrated into the Dash network to add on-chain payments to their existing products. We will also launch a new mobile wallet named DashPay, which leverages the DAP to lead the way for other solutions. DashPay will bring a Venmo-like user experience to the Dash network, making cryptocurrency accessible and familiar to mass consumer audiences.

In addition to new products, Dash will continue to emphasize research on scalability and sustainability issues of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have just completed our first joint research project with Arizona State University on the topic of scalability. The second phase of this project is underway, and it will lead to significant enhancements in the coming months.

The Dash network has shown tremendous results against the pessimistic market. How did the company manage to achieve such fruition so quickly? What were some of the challenges faced?

2018 has been a promising year for Dash, as we are making significant steps with several key business partnerships to allow for mainstream adoption. These partnerships have helped Dash expand into new markets and reach new users. Just to name a few, …………