Dash Enhances Global Reach


Dash is back, and we don’t need to tell you at this point how it is the most valuable digital currency, and an ever-growing threat to Bitcoin.

Recently, Dash announced two partnership that will enhance customer bases in Europe and Russia. BitPanda, which was once referred to as Coinimal, has added a buy option for Dash on its online brokerage, while Moscow’s number one exchange, MaRSe, has integrated the digital currency in the wake of a historic price rise and the consistent demand.

VP of Dash Business Development Daniel Diaz said, “We are very excited about Dash being added to BitPanda and to MaRSe. We are focused on improving access to Dash for users across the planet and it’s exciting to see spikes in demand from places like Europe and Russia. Firstly, BitPanda is the type of high quality broker we need on the Dash ecosystem; they offer multiple payment options as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum integration so it’s huge news for European users. Secondly, MaRSe is the largest and most reputable Russian exchange for bitcoin and now Dash, so we expect trading volumes to increase.”

After a few strategic business partnerships and software upgrades from January through March, Dash’s token valuation has shot up significantly from $11.21 to $90.40 USD, representing approximately 800 percent increase from Q1 alone.
BitPanda CEO Eric Demuth said, “Recently we observed a significant increase in demand within our customer base for Dash. We carefully observe the market before we add a new technology to our platform. Continuous development as well as a stable community are important parameters for us. Therefore we have decided to add Dash on BitPanda.com.”

Daniel Diaz added, “We are working around the clock to pave the way to mainstream adoption and Dash is becoming prevalent in many important regions globally. We are proud to gain allies in companies like BitPanda and MaRSe because they are focusing on projects that are playing a leading role in the transformation of finance through blockchain technology.”