Why Invest In NGC?


NAGA is a platform designed to bring in the next wave of financial evolution. The platform helps users invest in and manage a range of financial instruments and assets, including digital assets, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more. In addition to becoming a financial juggernaut, the platform also focuses on spreading valuable financial knowledge through its dedicated education platform.

To provide the best of both conventional and cryptocurrency worlds, NAGA makes use of blockchain technology. The confluence of two different, and sometimes opposite, sub-segments of today’s global financial landscape is signified by the packaging of decentralized technology into a centralized platform. The NAGA Ecosystem is designed with a firm focus on ease-of-use, allowing people with varying degrees of experience to access and interact with the hottest financial instruments. NAGA COIN (NGC) is the crypto-token that powers the entire ecosystem while acting as a medium of value exchange.

The multi-utility token, NAGA Coin, enjoys an edge over others due to its applications, reliability and the brand’s equity. In addition, the team behind the NAGA platform aren’t new to fintech and financial services, which is further amplified by the presence of the likes of Roger Ver — founder and CEO of Bitcoin.com, and Miko Matsumura – Limited Partner at Pantera Capital on the advisory board.

How is NGC better than other alt-coins?

NGC acts as a facilitator for a range of services in the broad trade and finance domain. These services also form the better part of the entire NAGA Coin ecosystem under the NAGA banner. A comparison with other altcoins and tokens in the market shows that only a handful of them have successfully realized a portion of their intended applications as per their published roadmaps, while the rest continue to be under development or shutdown.

The NAGA platform has stayed true to its commitment to the community, providing the necessary infrastructure for the token to operate as advertised during the crowdsale. Supporting all these, is the NAGA WALLET – a unique multi-cryptocurrency gateway in the NAGA Ecosystem. It can be used to instantly store, transfer and send major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), LiteCoin (LTC), and NAGA COIN (NGC), as well as +1200 ERC-20 tokens.

Among many things, NGC token holders can purchase any digital asset from their favorite online game using NAGA VIRTUAL. They can exchange it for Tesla, Apple and other stocks, then further exchange these stocks for cryptocurrency and fiat by using the NAGA TRADER.

The table below highlights the features of NAGA TRADER and how it is better than other options currently available in the market.


The Key Benefits for NGC Holders

  • Two times higher copy bonus
  • Percentage cashback on trades
  • Exclusive features access on NAGA TRADER
  • 50% less trading fees
  • NAGA card will soon be available free of cost
  • Credit Card can be used to purchase NGC on NAGA WALLET

Strong Backing for the NAGA COIN

NAGA COIN has already gained a reputation as one of the promising cryptocurrencies. It is backed by an entire ecosystem that provides numerous options for the token holders to spend their tokens. The multi-currency support and attractive discounts and offers available for payments through NGC, when compared with other methods, makes it the preferred choice among users. The NAGA ACADEMY will further strengthen the token’s position as it not only helps the users understand the ecosystem, but also gives them the opportunity to gain valuable financial education.

With the NAGA Ecosystem fulfilling the needs of traders, investors and other cryptocurrency community members, in an easy and inexpensive way, the NAGA COIN has already proven its encouraging worth.

It is worth noting that the NAGA Ecosystem is still in its growth phase, with lots of new features and services set to be introduced soon. All these will soon drive an exponential growth in the community, which makes this the ideal time to become NGC token holders.

To learn more about the platform and to buy NGC, please visit https://www.thenagacoin.com/

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