Deceptive Marketing of TRON Reaches New Levels, Claims it’s Better Than Ethereum


Marketing plays an important role in the world of cryptocurrency. Some projects are seemingly better at it than others. Whereas Bitcoin still lacks PR and marketing, it seems TRON is doing the exact opposite. Even so, there are some concerns regarding its odd way of advertising this project. Living up to people’s expectations will not be easy.

Fueling the TRON Hype

For the second time in a few weeks, a massive TRON advertisement appeared on a Nasdaq billboard. The same happened prior to the project’s test net launch. While that generated quite a buzz, the overall interest in TRON has remained somewhat unchanged. Not entirely surprising, considering the project still has everything to prove to the masses.

People need to understand why this advertisement shows up on this billboard. It is a paid ad, just like any other which is displayed on the same screen. This doesn’t mean NASDAQ has any interest in TRON or its technology. Nor does it mean this will immediately lead to bigger adoption of this ecosystem or its native currency.

Founder Justin Sun seems to be rather deceptive in this regard. He claims how TRON “hit NASDAQ” again. This is clear misdirection, as the project isn’t even on the radar of the major stock exchange. Instead, this paid advertisement is being packaged as something which it isn’t. Granted, it will attract eyeballs and makes for a nice picture on social media. That doesn’t guarantee any major impact on the project or the price.

Deceptive Marketing or Sheer Brilliance?

Another recent tweet by Justin Sun has stirred a hornet’s nest. More specifically, he compared TRON to Ethereum, even though these projects are not in the same league. Ethereum has a multi-year track record and has overcome many challenges. TRON is only just getting started with an imminent main net launch. As such, there is no point in comparing the two.

According to Sun, TRON will support 100 million dApp users. An interesting concept, even though there are no main net dApps which attract thousands of users. That situation can still change, yet all it does is create hype and speculation for the project rather than develop. On the Ethereum side of things, hundreds of “useful” dApps exist already, which makes one wonder which project is effectively the more advanced.

Last but not least, Sun is deceiving users by comparing the transaction throughput. In his opinion, TRON will support 2,000 transactions per second. Ethereum only supports 25, according to his infographic. Even so, Ethereum processes over 1 million transactions per day, TRON has a lot less activity. Without network activity to speak of, the project will never be in the same league as Ethereum.

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