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At mid-day on November 25th, Litecoin finally broke past its previous all-time price high of $90, coming to rest at the end of the day at $91.18.

Needless to say, Charlie Lee, Litecoins creator, will now be getting ready to celebrate, especially if LTC can hold its own past the $90 mark and start eyeballing $100. As we have previously discussed, however, what really happens to Litecoin now will depend on how much new media exposure and investor attention Litecoin starts receiving.

2018 Will Be All About the LTC/BTC Lightning Network

With Litecoin value soaring, many people looking to buy Litecoin will likely convince themselves to hold off until the next price swing in their favor. The only problem is that Litecoin isn’t really like any other form of digital currency currently on the market.

Today’s Litecoin value isn’t a fluke. Neither are rising prices the result of increased speculation by cryptocurrency price watchers. Instead, the current Litecoin value is a direct result of Litecoin’s creator having followed through on a cryptocurrency vision which he published for Litecoin on January 6th.

In the post in question titled ‘My Vision For SegWit And Lightning Networks On Litecoin And Bitcoin,’ Charlie Lee clearly laid out plans to make 2017 the year in which Litecoin hit a new technological benchmark. More specifically, one which really would make Litecion silver to Bitcoin’s gold. What is more, that benchmark has now been achieved.

What is the Litecoin Lightning Network Anyway?

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