Dash 101 (Spanish) Sneak Preview in Cancún, Mexico


Yesterday I was invited to a weekly Crypto meetup called Bitcuners in Cancún, Mexico. It is organised by Jukyung Lee, a young Korean lady who lives in Mexico. The Bitcuners team came all dressed up in their funky Dash shirts.

We showed some episodes of the Spanish version of our series Dash 101. I even gave a short talk in my weird mixture of Portuguese and Spanish with a German accent.

The whole series will be ready next week, it will then be shown on Dash’s official YouTube channel. Its host is Lara Lopez Lorda from Zaragoza, who has been working with me since 2013. 

We shot it in a green screen studio in Berlin, with Max Benesch as DOP and Jennifer Stiller in charge of sound and teleprompter. Annett Esser was resposible for make-up and hair. The music was composed by Julio Kladniew from Buenos Aires, the animations were created by Inés Trigub and Santiago Toyos, also from Buenos Aires. 

The series is being edited by Anastasya Stolyarov from Berlin. Thanks, Nastya, for finishing those episodes just in time for the meetup!

Here is the first episode:

Thanks a lot to Juky and her team and to everyone for their interest and their good questions.

La Tradicional Churreria in Cancún, venue of the Bitcuners’ meetup